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SEC Game of Interest (Week 12)

We're a little preoccupied with Hate Week (November Edition, Part 2), but the picks must go on.

Fond memories from last year.
Fond memories from last year.
Michael Chang

Let's talk about the line for this weekend's game at Auburn. The line opened with Auburn as a 3-point favorite at home. Generally, a team gets 3 points just for playing at home, so the opening line suggested that people thought that our Bulldogs were essentially the equals of the WarTiglesMen.

But the line quickly moved to Auburn (-4.5) and may be even higher by the time you read this. It must've taken people a couple of hours to realize that Auburn is 9-1, and Georgia is just 6-3. Or that last weekend Auburn beat the same Tennessee team that took us to overtime by 32 points. Or maybe that Auburn outscored us by 16.5 points per game during October or led the conference in total yards per game during the same span.

I'm worried about this one, y'all.

Even at 4.5, our game is viewed as the most competitive conference contest of the weekend. Blog policy prevents me from picking it as the SEC Game of Interest, though, so we'll pick Florida at No. 12 South Carolina (-14) instead. Hopefully this will work out better than last weekend's silly prediction that LSU could stay within 2 scores of Bama.

The Pick: Cocky -14

Why you should care: If Florida loses, sweet. If Florida wins, Steve Spurrier loses. Also sweet. And there's alway the possibility of a meteor shower.

Rationale: Florida is a hot mess, and South Carolina will be looking to avenge last year's embarrassing 44-11 defeat.

Go Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!