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Friday Tailgate: World's Largest Please Numb The Pain Party Edition


Macon is busy with real life stuff today, so we've got us a substitute teacher for your normal Friday tailgate. But as a proper music lover, we can't have a tailgate without good song, so for the double feature if you please...

Both Georgia and Florida had high hopes coming into this season, but both squads have seen a litany of injuries decimate their dreams of visiting Atlanta in early December. So now we meet in Jacksonville with readjusted hopes of maybe visiting Atlanta closer to the New Year for a Peach Bowl berth.

Things have gotten so wacky for both sides, none of us really know what to expect. Someone will get hurt, someone will turn the ball over, someone will make a play that puts them in the good graces of their fanbase forever, and several someones will renounce sobriety until Tuesday.

So, for those of us unfortunate souls who aren't partying it up in St. Simon's, Amelia Island, and various other beautiful parts of the south Georgia and north Florida Atlantic Ocean coastline, consider this your Friday night open thread. GPB will broadcast their usual high school football with Tucker (with UGA commit, LB Detric Dukes) and MLK in an Atlanta area showdown. Southern Cal and Oregon St are the late game on ESPN2, with the four letter focusing on NBA tonight. But we've got a lot to do tomorrow, so don't stay up too late. And of course,...