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Would 20 Championships make it better?

good to have mentors
good to have mentors
Scott Cunningham

My great grandfather played football for UGA. Both of my grandparents graduated UGA (at a time not so easy for women). I graduated UGA with no scholie's, no grants. 1980 was crazy special. I remember my dad letting me sit up late to watch the game. It was awesome. It doesn't matter so much today, for this team and game and time. A MNC will make you feel good for a day, maybe a week. Todd Gurley running over UF will make you feel good forever. Place your faith in UGA, not in some made up media trophy. If you ask all the older DS staff, we will all say we want an SEC the most. The same as the people 100 years ago. We need to beat Mizzou. And for me once as an analyst - however it happens. A win goes a long ways. Keep fighting. Chuck

UGA's A game in Athens beats Mizzou.

And then we go to the next game.