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The Monday To Do List Is Pretty Short.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This is the space in which I usually list off the things you need to be aware of fromthe prior weekend's college football action. And this week I'm doing it again, with one difference. There's really only one thing that we as Bulldog fans need to be focused on heading into this week:

1. Getting over it. I know, we suffered serious injuries to several of our best play makers on offense. I feel for every one of those young men. They've worked exceptionally hard, they've all been good leaders for this team. And in a cruel twist of fate they all got injured exactly one game past the point at which they'd be eligible for a medical redshirt. It's not fair.

And neither is much of anything else in life. In fact that's probably the number one lesson taught by competitive sports, at the collegiate level or otherwise. Bad things happen. Calls get blown. The ball bounces freakishly against you. People get injured who you would have liked to have thrown the ball to. But you still have to play the game. As Aaron Murray said right after Saturday night's demolition derby, the next guy up has to step in. Rhett McGowan needs to catch what's thrown to him. Reggie Davis needs to go from a potential playmaker to a present day one. Mike Bobo needs to locate the All-SEC tight end he keeps forgetting he has, and Aaron Murray needs to work his way through the progressions, past his safety blanket receivers, who are mostly now on crutches. Finally, when he is recovered and able to do so, Todd Gurley has to play like the best tailback in the country, which I believe he is.

Undefeated Missouri just got through with a 51-28 thumping of Vanderbilt. They can score as many points as anyone else in the SEC. I have some serious questions about some of the competition they've faced, but somehow Missouri may be the team with the least number of questions heading into Saturday's game.

And no one other than Bulldog fans cares. You may have noticed that the 'Dawgs dropped a spot in the AP poll this week. That's because poll voters don't really know the circumstances under which Georgia escaped from Knoxville. And they won't care if those circumstances continue to play havoc with our depth chart, offensive timing, and general psyche. That may or may not be fair, but it's life, and the sooner this Bulldog squad is able to come to terms with it, the better. If they spend this week, or even a part of it, feeling sorry for themselves and mourning the team they could have been, then we're in for a rough time 'tween the hedges.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!