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Second Half Open Comment Thread.


The big take away from that first half was obviously Keith Marshall's knee injury. A couple of quick points. One, Keith Marshall had the look of a guy who's just been told his Lachman test was positive indicating an ACL injury. And I absolutely hate it for him. Our prayers go out to the young man. Two, while I understand the frustration among Bulldog fans, it was not a dirty hit. There's no way to tackle a big back like Keith Marshall other than to go low. His foot was planted. It's rotten luck. It sucks. But it wasn't a dirty hit.

On the bright side, Aaron Murray surpassing David Greene on the SEC career passing yardage list. With a minimum of 7 more games in the red and black, and as many as 9 more, Murray will likely finish his career in the Classic City having utterly obliterated the conference record.Barring another highly effective  4 year starter who avoids injury while playing in a pass-happy offense, I expect Murray to hold the record for some time to come.

And while they've struggled on third down, the Bulldog defense is playing reasonably well, giving up only 127 yards on 32 plays, just under 4 per snap. It's not dominant, but it's probably better than anyone really had a right to expect.

Tennessee will get the ball to start the second half, and I'm looking for the Bulldog defense to come out and make a statement. I'd also like to see the Bulldog offense actually score coming out of the locker room, which has been a real weakness recently. Come out and stop the Vols, then turn around and put seven on the board, and I'll breath a lot easier.

Let's finish this one off in style for Keith, Bulldogs.

Go 'Dawgs!!!