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Georgia/Tennessee First Half Open Comment Thread.

A few nuggets of news from this morning:

  • Tray Matthews is indeed not with the team in Knoxville, as expected.
  • Todd Gurley is with the team, though he's listed as "doubtful" to play. Freshman A.J. Turman is in Knoxville, despite the fact that he hasn't played yet this season. That's a pretty good indication that you won't be seeing TG3 on the field today.
    Jonathon Rumph continues to be out with hamstring issues.
  • Faton Bauta is listed as Georgia's third QB behind Murray and Mason. LeMay, Welch and Ramsey didn't make the travel roster.
  • Alabama is a significantly better football team than Georgia State.
  • Maryland is just itching to show all those AP voters who placed them at #25 what a horrible, horrible idea that was.

We're inside of an hour until kickoff in Knoxville, and we're glad you're joining us here at Dawg Sports for all the action. So get ready, get loud, and have a great time. And remember, you know the toothbrush was invented in Tennessee, because otherwise they'd call it a "teethbrush."

Go 'Dawgs!!!