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The Early College Football Open Comment Thread.

You have a big day of college football action ahead of you, and it all starts right here.


Sure you'll be glued to this afternoon's Georgia/Tennessee game. But there's plenty of gridiron action between now and then.

You can find the full television schedule for the day here. As usual the day starts even before kickoff with the mad cap hilarity of College Game Day, happening as we speak (will Herbie finally propose to Urban Meyer? Will Corso accidentally set himself on fire? Tune in to find out!)

Then the noon slate of games kicks off including the first ever (and probably last ever) match up of undefeateds between Florida State and Maryland.

Texas Tech travels to Kansas, which is apparently still coached by the world's surliest fat man.  Air Force travels to Navy thanks to a generous donation from the folks at USAA, though I'm assuming they'll have to bring their won orange wedges and capri sun for halftime. And on the SEC Network Alabama will be doing vile and unnatural things to Georgia State. Which, given that the game's being played in Alabama, is just an invitation to make the kind of joke about people in Alabama doing vile and unnatural things that I should be above making. So I won't.

Michigan State will travel to Iowa, and Kirk Ferentz will make more money for standing there clapping than you will make all year. And North Carolina will travel to Virginia Tech, as Bryn Renner continues his quest to become the most preppily named quarterback to play in every ACC venue.

So stay hydrated, keep your head on a swivel, and get ready. It's college football Saturday.

Go 'Dawgs!!!