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Jarryd Wallace honored as part of the Paralympic Team of the Year

The A-CC PD is relentless in their pursuit of Georgia athletes
The A-CC PD is relentless in their pursuit of Georgia athletes
Julian Finney

Jarryd Wallace isn't a UGA athlete, although he wanted to be one. His father, Jeff Wallace, is the head coach for the Dawgs' highly successful women's tennis team. His mother, Sabrina, was an All-SEC distance runner during her college days in Athens. Jarryd was an accomplished runner for nearby Oconee County High School, and signed with UGA in 2007 with hopes of continuing his athletic career. But a bout with compartment syndrome ended that dream before it could begin, and in 2010, Jarryd had the lower part of his right leg amputated.

But the story didn't end there, it had only just begun. Wallace began competing on the track again, and has now become one of the best Paralympian track athletes in the world. At the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships, Wallace brought home two gold medals, one while setting a world record in the Men's 200m sprint (T-44 class), and another for the 4x100 relay team which shattered the previous world record mark by over a full second. And it is for those marks that the U.S. Olympic Committee honored Wallace, alongside his relay partners Richard Browne, Blake Leeper, and Jerome Singleton.

Congratulations to Jarryd and his teammates for the honor, and as always...