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Dawgsports' staff predictions for the World's Largest Outdoor Michael Adams is gone Party


The Dawgsports staff tells you what they think will happen this Saturday when Florida and Georgia meet at the annually televised Jacksonville Cocktail Party. Here's what we think. Tell us where we're wrong, where we're right, and what you think in the comments.

Vineyard I hate Florida with the fire of a thousand suns being fueled by the fire of an additional thousand suns. I cannot think rationally enough to make a prediction during Florida week, so I always make the same prediction every year, which is the result I want to see more than any other: a repeat of the 1942 clash in Jacksonville, which culminated with a 75-0 Bulldog victory.

RedCrake I pick us to win, we lose. I pick us to lose, we lose. I'll pick us to have Penn Wagers officiating this weekend, but I am otherwise abstaining from picking this game.

Spears I cannot stress enough how terrible Florida's offense is. They rank last in the conference in both yards per play and yards per game, and, last time I checked, Kentucky and Bert Bielema's Arkansas are still in the conference. (Not coincidentally, those are the only two conference teams who score fewer points per game than the Gators, but not by much.) They are also one of only six teams in the country to have suffered more injuries than our Bulldogs. They will be without a starting quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tackle, linebacker, defensive tackle, defensive end... you get the point. And their supporters are already semi-seriously comparing Coach Muschamp's tenure to Ron Zook's. The Dawgs win 17-10 just like they did in 1989, which was the last time the good guys won 3-in-a-row.

Sanchez Florida 2, Georgia 0. Because football hates us. Scratch that. Florida wins 1-0, in 18 OTs that is ultimately determined by the penetration rule when the refs just get too tired of our mutual poopypantsaplenty play.

hailtogeorgia Georgia 27 Florida 21. Dang it, I'm gonna be optimistic about this one, because why the hell not?

Dave Georgia 27 Florida 20 We would score more, but the refs will flag us for targeting on 6 consecutive 3rd down stops...2 of which will be overturned. Ray Drew gets tossed for breathing heavy.

podunk UGA 1,999 UF 0. Because we are good and they are evil.

Macon UGA 31, UF 24. The Florida offense is awful. In fact, it's more of an awfense. A healthy Todd Gurley makes a huge difference for the Bulldogs, enough of a difference to win this one.

and to close, chuck....

Go Dawgs!