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National Games of Interest (Week 10)

Will our knowledge of the terminology and mathematics behind wagering on sports help our record? Don't Bet On It!

We hate on tOSU a lot, but Braxton Miller is good.
We hate on tOSU a lot, but Braxton Miller is good.
Jamie Sabau

Regression has been killing us in our conference picks, but it's actually been working in our favor on the national scene. For the second consecutive week we picked a winner. Oklahoma's spread-covering win at home brings us up to 8-9 on the year. (If you're keeping score, we're 17-17 on all of our picks for the year. Regression is really real.)

Since we've had so much success picking single games, we obviously have to switch things up again. There are two juicy spreads that we just can't resist, and they give us this week's National Games of Interest: Miami at Florida State (-22) and Ohio State (-31) at Purdue.

The picks: Miami +22 and Purdue +31

Why you should care: OK, you shouldn't really care about either of these games. IT IS HATE WEEK. We only care about the Cocktail Party this week. We're picking these games strictly because we think the lines are a little off.

Rationale: Remember when we picked Florida State to crush Clemson because the 'Noles were better than the Tigers in every major statistical category? We'd pick Florida State outright here for the same reason, but Miami's better than Clemson. Seriously. Go over to and see for yourself. Miami is ranked just behind Florida State (within the ACC) in every major statistical category. Plus this is a rivalry game. The 'Noles will win, but 3 TDs is an awful lot.

The Purdue pick is even simpler. The Buckeyes needed overtime to beat Purdue last year, and they've lost 2 of the last 4 to the Boilermakers. Outside of a blowout back in 2010, this game has been extremely close lately, and 31 is an awfully big number.

Go Dawgs! Beat Florida!