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National Game of Disinterest (Week 6)

We love football too much to watch this week's National Game of Disinterest.

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This man is paid millions of dollars to coach football.
This man is paid millions of dollars to coach football.
Jamie Squire

After an unusually slow start to the season in which it seemed that the Georgia Bulldogs were the only team in American willing to play any truly interesting games, we have finally reached the heart of the season. There's no shortage of games that will be worth watching this weekend. Our match-up with the Volunteers, for example, was interesting enough to warrant a pick-up by CBS due to let-down potential and historical significance -- none of us will forget that Coach Richt made a name for himself at Georgia by stomping on Tennessee's face with a hobnail boot in Neyland back in 2001. It's also an important divisional game for us, not unlike the divisional game being played by Georgia Tech at Miami. All snark aside, the ACC is actually pretty interesting as a conference this year, and this match-up will go a long way toward determining who gets to suit up against Clemson or Florida State in the conference's championship game.

Not all conference match-ups are created evenly, however. In fact, one of them is bad enough to warrant designation as this week's National Game of Disinterest: Texas at Iowa State (Thursday, ESPN).

As RedCrake pointed out in this week's TV Schedule, this week of otherwise interesting play begins with a whimper. It's a sign of just how far the Longhorns have fallen that they're playing their first Thursday night game in more than two decades, excluding Thanksgiving day games. The fact that they might actually lose to a Cyclone squad that has already lost to Iowa and Northern Iowa is another.

Spite is literally the only reason to watch this game unless you're a fan of one of these two programs. But Texas has been so bad over the last few seasons that watching them stumble shouldn't even elicit schadenfreude in the average football fan anymore. Even fans of Oklahoma and Texas A&M should have a hard time mustering up enough hate to watch this game. It's going to be ugly, ugly football. Neither team ranks in the top 25... in any major statistical category. Tonight's Browns-Bills game should be more entertaining. That's just sad.

What's your National Game of Disinterest this week?