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Roundtable Predictions: at Tennessee

Tennessee loves to french fry when they need to pizza.
Tennessee loves to french fry when they need to pizza.
Scott Cunningham

Spears UGA 35, UT 14 We're due for a let-down after a rough first month, but UT isn't good enough to capitalize this season. The final score will not reflect how close this game will probably be for a couple of quarters.

Macon UGA 31, UT 24. Tennessee has actually run the ball effectively at times this season. Consequently, I expect Georgia to load the box and dare Justin Worley to throw it. Unfortunately he will, which against the Bulldog secondary has been a good move this year. It won't be enough to win, but it will be enough to put a scare into a Bulldog team coming off its post-LSU high.

Sanchez Tennessee 34 Georgia 28. Yeah I know, but we've done this twice, my call has been one way twice, and the end results are what they've been both times. I'm curious how well Bobo attacks the Jancek and Two Thumbs coached D, and how well they attack the offense with which they should be extremely familiar. No, I'm not superstitious but why press your luck? No whammies.

RedCrake UGA 34 Tennessee 10 Murray gets 4 more TDs as he continues his crash course with Weurffel's record. Marshall Morgan hits 2 FGs... one from 72 yards out. In a fit of rage and madness, the Vols fire Butch Jones and re-hire Lane Kiffin (who will be subsequently fired following a triple digit loss to Alabama).

Vineyard It's hard to get a feel for this game. On paper, we should beat Tennessee comfortably. However, it's simply delusional to think that we won't have some kind of let-down after the physically and emotionally draining LSU win. If we aren't careful, they could jump up and get us. I have to hope that Murray and the other team leaders will help bring the team through the doldrums, however, and come out on top. Georgia 38, Tennessee 35.

Podunk UGA 42 UT 24

Chuck It would be much easier to predict a Georgia game if I knew which Mike Bobo was showing up. That being said, I'll have to believe Evil Richt is still around, and remembers some bad, ridiculous loses in Knoxville, and it's our time. 45-20 in a game that is never in doubt.

Hailtogeorgia Georgia 45 Tennessee 17. This ends up being the game that North Texas should have been. Tennessee is hopeless. Combine that with the fact that Mike Bobo and Mark Richt should be much more familiar with Jancek and Martinez's defensive schemes than Jancek and Martinez are with a Georgia offense that has evolved significantly since they were in Athens (use of the pistol, multiple wide receiver sets, a rushing attack out of the gun, the hurry up/check-the-sideline-for-audibles approach, just to name a few) and I think our offense has a field day.

Dave Georgia 62 Tennessee 14. Go big or go home.

Ludakit 35-13 Dawgs. I have to stick with my prediction from the UT preview. Closer in the first half than some would think.

and of course, GO DAWGS!