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Monday health report: Looking good, for now

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

So, unlike last week when everyone was sidelined, Monday's practice report comes out and miraculously the sickly have been healed.

Of biggest concern has been Todd Gurley.  He's apparently out of the green jersey, and back going full speed ahead again.  Overlooked by some is the fact that Chris Conley apparently went down in the last play against Vandy, and his return doesn't look good for Saturday.  That is somewhat neutralized in impact by the return of Michael Bennett, and the increasingly improved health of 6'5 JUCO WR Jonathon Rumph.

There is a situation similar to WR going on in the defensive secondary.  Tray Matthews is looking ready to return to the field at FS, which should improve play there, but Josh Harvey Clemons has a foot issue he needs to improve before the Cocktail Party.

And as mentioned in the Seth Emerson link, there is good news with C David Andrews, TB JJ Green, FB Merritt Hall, and WRs Rhett McGowan and Rantavious Wooten.  So the walking wounded are starting to be a lot closer to running full speed, which would be nice since we got this pretty big shindig this weekend.