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National Game of Interest (Week 9)

Will our knowledge of the terminology of and mathematics underlying wagering on sports help our record? Don't Bet On It!

Kingsbury is a weird looking dude.
Kingsbury is a weird looking dude.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We nailed last week's National Game of Interest, correctly calling Florida State to cover against Clemson on the road. That improves our record to 7-9 on the season. I'd like to say that the strength of our single-game strategy is why we're picking just one National Game of Interest again this week, but really it's the lingering lethargy from last week's loss. Either way, we're picking No. 10 Texas Tech at No. 15 Oklahoma (-6.5).

The pick: Oklahoma -6.5

Why you should care: Big XII football is all about offense, and offensive fireworks might just be the cure for what ails us.

Rationale: Do you know why Oklahoma lost to Texas? The Longhorns had two rushers each go over 120 yards on the ground. The Sooners have the second best scoring defense in the Big XII due almost entirely to their ability to stop the pass. They allow a conference best 5.3 yards per passing attempt but more than 4.3 yards per carry.

That could be a recipe for success for just about anyone other than the Red Raiders, who throw the ball more than 50 times per game and lead the conference in aerial TDs. But they manage just 3.8 yards per carry on the ground, which ranks 94th nationally. In other words, Texas Tech is ill equipped to attack the chink in Oklahoma's armor, so I predict that it's going to be a long walk trip back to Lubbock from Norman.