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15 Thoughts: Is the Game Dead?

The 2013 Georgia Football season is unraveling before our very eyes. Most of it is self-inflicted, but if you don't think that 2 horrendous calls during yesterday's game in Nashville didn't play a major part in the eventual outcome of the game, then you must be part of an SEC officiating crew...

Frederick Breedon

1. You just knew at some point during the course of the season that a targeting call would go against Georgia. What you didn't know was when it eventually happened, it would become The National Standard by which all previous and subsequent horrendous calls would be measured by. In case you missed it:


What complete and utter crap.

2. Ramik WIlson made a great play to break up a pass on 4th down, essentially lowering his shoulder into Vandy's Jonathan Krause and jarring the ball loose. Initially, he was ejected for targeting. This was overturned, but a 15-yard personal foul penalty was assessed leading to another Vandy touchdown. As bad as Ray Drew's ejection was, this particular play was worse in my opinion. Not because it kept Vandy's drive alive and lead to a score, but because it, more than any other targeting call this season, points out The Emasculation of The Game. Right there.



I actually believe this was Ramik Wilson's best play of 2013. This ain't a normal season...

3. Et tu, Bradley Roby? Oh, what a vicious hit! Ban him for life, I say because the rule book clearly says you cannot lead with your shoulder. Right? Right?


Lead with your pinky next time, Bradley.

4. Will the rules be tweaked in the off-season? For the sake of the game, it better be. But how can the officials in the booth upstairs protect the the officiating crew on Ray Drew's horrible call? Who are these clowns, anyway? This is a real threat to college football, and how defenses are going to play in the future.

I’m not trying to say much, but that whole call is a BS call to me,” Georgia outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “The rule in general is BS. I think it ruins the game. I think it’s going to ruin the game of football.” -

5. How did our special teams become so horrible? Has there been a single game this year where there wasn't at least one breakdown? I've never seen anything like it, and I honestly do not believe there is a fix for this in 2013 because it would've been fixed by now. It is what it is...and what it is is horrible.

6. I don't like singling out kids, but I must say that the player with the least amount of confidence right now on either side of the ball is Damian Swann. I wonder if he has actually regressed? Perhaps the players that surrounded him last season just made him look better than he's proven to be. He's absolutely lost, but we've got no choice but to continue.

7. I think Shaq Wiggins will be All-SEC before he leaves; perhaps All-American. He's the one player in the secondary at the moment who seems to be instinctual and pro-active. His anticipation of the trick-play for the subsequent "pick 6" was a beautiful thing to watch. When the "light" goes on fully, he's gonna be a great one.

8. This season is beginning to remind me of 1977. That team was decimated by injuries throughout the season. The coup de gras during that season was when QB Jeff Pyburn, who was running all over Florida in the old Gator Bowl, stepped out of bounds and stepped right into some sort of irrigation hole and tore up his knee. Georgia had every ounce of wind go out of their sails and ultimately lost that game (and the season) after leading. This year is unbelievable and even worse in sheer numbers of injuries. If Chris Conley is out for any extended period of time, we are essentially going with babies at the receiver slot.

9. Josh Harvey-Clemons has a foot injury. The extent of this is unknown at this time, but knowing our luck he'll be in an iron lung for the rest of the season.

10. We have officially regressed on the offensive line. This is on coaching as much as the players, but they both should share equally in the blame. I saw a lot of standing around yesterday, no fire, no passion, too much passivity. It's unacceptable and something has to change, but I have no confidence in the line to do anything but what they've been doing on an inconsistent basis all season.

11. The whole "Fire Mike Bobo" meme is part " tongue-in-cheek" around these parts, part dead-seriousness. I don't know what play chart Bobo was working from yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it was either being read upside down or was written in hieroglyphics. First downs were consistently wasted. We were 4 of 14 on third down conversions. Oh, I forgot...Vanderbilt has a great, great defense. They're known for that.

12. I honestly did not watch a single other football game last night. I'm the kind of Georgia fan that, when we lose, I just cannot take pleasure in watching someone else's joy. I guess I'm bad that way. Anyone else like this? I will say that my lawn looks great this morning.

13. Having just stated what I stated above, I missed some good games last night. Lots of upsets, close calls and...

14. ...FSU trucks Clemson in Death Valley by 37? That loss is the epitome of Clemsoning. Wow.

15. Can this team rebound in the next two weeks and beat Florida? Is that enough time to get a modicum of healthy guys back on both sides of the football? If ever there was a needed "bye" week, this is it. Not just for those guys who wear and play for the Red 'n Black...but for the fan base. This season is on the brink. Some would say that it's over. But what if we get Gurley back, perhaps a receiver or two and decide that the entire field is 4-down territory, thus removing the risk of a long-snap to the punter? Any chance for redemption?

I feel sad for having to ask those questions.

Until next time...Keep the Faith. Enjoy the off-week....and

Go Dawgs!

P.S. - MomtheDawg is doing well. Thanks for the continued prayers!