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Vanderbilt postgame FML thread.

We lost to Vanderbilt, and lost our one remaining good wide receiver in the process. And Josh Harvey-Clemons on defense.

Frederick Breedon

Vent, cuss, and generally get it out of your system.  The only thing we will be trying to prevent in this thread is personal attacks on other Dawg Sports users.  Other than that, just get it out. Talk about how the refs are crooked pieces of crap.  Rail on James Franklin for going for a field goal after the game was already iced (and not having the cojones to go for  TD instead.) It'll be good for you later.  Like, in some other year when God doesn't hate us and the world as we know it isn't crumbling around us like that Nazi guy who drank from the wrong Holy Grail in that Indiana Jones movie.

This sucks.