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Your Week 8 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by the Dawg Sports Institute for Hyperbole, which would like to remind you that the Georgia Bulldogs will never win another game... ever (and also, FIRE ERRBODY!!!).

I know how you feel... Oh wait, those are tears of joy? Nevermind.  You suck. Everything sucks.
I know how you feel... Oh wait, those are tears of joy? Nevermind. You suck. Everything sucks.
Oleg Nikishin


So, yeah, last weekend happened. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a fun weekend to be a Georgia Bulldog. If we've learned anything its that the Georgia Bulldogs will never win another football game again... ever. Abandon all hope ye who enter here and whatnot. Fire ERRBODY! Fire Mark Richt and hire Will Muschamp! Fire Greg McGarity and bring Michael Adams back to be the AD! Human sacrifices at the Arch Saturday at noon!

Yet, in addition to being your one stop shop for football-induced dementia and insane hyperbole, we here at Dawg Sports are nothing if not committed. As such, I peeled my face up off the floor this morning, threw the 2 empty bottles of Makers Mark in the trash, and returned once more to tell you what football games you should be watching this weekend.

And here we go...


You only have one choice here, but it could turn out to be a pretty good one as the Miami Hurricanes visit the UNC Tarheels. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.


Hey, look everybody! Its another Friday night Teddy Bridgewater showcase. You could choose to watch the Louisville Cardinals take on another challenging opponent in the UCF Knights or you could rent a movie. Might wanna rent a movie.


You have a pretty solid lineup early on Saturday headlined by the showdown between the Florida Gators and the Missouri Tigers. You could also hit up our Georgia Bulldogs as they flail helplessly against the mighty Vanderbilt Commodores... but why would you? The outcome of the game and season and next century is predetermined. Georgia will not win another football game ever. So feel free to flip over to the South Carolina Gamecocks / Tennessee Volunteers, the Texas Tech Red Raiders / West Virginia Mountaineers, or (God-forbid) the Syracuse Orange / Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.


The most appealing afternoon game is probably the UCLA Bruins battering a badly bruised Stanford Cardinal team. However, the tilt between the Auburn Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies might prove to be just as interesting. If you hate yourself, you could also check out the Wake Forest Demon Deacons and the Maryland Terrapins. ACC! ACC! ACC!


The simple choice for your primetime viewing is the FSU Seminoles and the Clemson Tigers. But the Alabama Crimson Tide and Arkansas Razorbacks or the LSU Tigers against the Ole Miss Rebels aren't bad consolation prizes. Do not, under any circumstances, subject yourself to watching the USC Trojans and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Life hasn't taken that far of a turn just yet.


West Coast Action!!! Washington St. Cougars and Oregon Ducks? Yeah! Oregon St. Beavers and Cal Bears? Meh... but its like midnight here so beggars can't be choosers.

So that's it for this week. I hope you're as completely miserable as I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to the liquor store and replenish my bourbon supply.