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Missouri 41, Georgia 26: Yeah, The Exact Opposite Of That, Please.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia had little or no margin for error in its divisional match up with Missouri. It then proceeded to play about 15 minutes of decent football, which was about 45 less than required under the circumstances. I have little positive to say about this one. I'd like to say that I'm proud of the guys for fighting to get back into it in the 4th. But then I'd have to concede that the last 10 minutes of this game were just unacceptable.

It's tempting to blame the injuries, except that so much that went wrong in this one had absolutely nothing to do with the play at positions that were thin. Keith Marshall's hamstring has nothing to do with Corey Moore aimlessly wandering around the middle of the secondary like a lost puppy. Or Ken Gates spending 20% of snaps looking back into the backfield as Missouri Tigers raced by him. Or Amarlo Herrera committing an uber-dumb roughing the passer penalty to fuel a drive ending with the score that functionally ended the game. Or our redshirt senior quarterback throwing the kind of try-hard interceptions that only Aaron Murray can throw. This one's not on the injuries. Rather, it was turnovers, poor tackling, coverage breakdowns, and bad penalties. Rinse, repeat. That's how you lose football games. There's really not a lot more to say.

So, where do we go from here? We definitely don't go to the national championship game for the 30th year in a row. We are still alive in the SEC East title given the divisional demolition derby. But even that is no longer strictly in our control. I'd settle for a victory over Vanderbilt next week.

Until then, keep it civil and don't turn on each other. Watch the language, but feel free to share your frustrations. As always . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!