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Georgia/Missouri Second Half Open Thread

This game feels like a bad case of Salmonella right now...

Aaron Murray wants YOUR support
Aaron Murray wants YOUR support
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We're missing 5 of our best play makers on Offense and our Defense is comprised mostly of last years 2nd string players. We're trailing #25 Missouri at half time by 3 scores.  We're giving up turnovers and we're not doing a very good job of stopping them.

I won't lie to you, it feels awful.  But there is a bright spot.  There's a young man wearing Red & Black out there that is doing absolutely everything possible to win this game.  He's dragging our team onto his back and he's carrying them the best he can & giving his all to get the victory today.  For love of the team, for the guys out there giving it their all, for the scout team players that due to circumstance are out on the field, I'm shaking off the first half, hoping & praying for great adjustments at half-time and remembering this game isn't over yet.  Our team isn't out of the game.  The fat lady hasn't sung, and the game clock doesn't read 00:00 just yet.

We're still in this.  We still have a chance.  I just saw Artie Lynch do the Knowshon Leap.  CMR is mad as we ever see him.  AM is digging deep and fighting for the W.  I'm with them because those are MY boys on that field and MY coaches on the sidelines and Win, Lose or Draw - I'm a Bulldog 'til I die.