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Your Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by St. Mary's Hospital, Official Healthcare Provider of the Georgia Bulldogs. St. Mary's would like to take this opportunity to thank the grounds crew at Neyland Stadium for single-handedly increasing the hospital's operating budget.

This one goes out to Marshall, JSW, and Mikey B. Get well soon guys! DGDs.
This one goes out to Marshall, JSW, and Mikey B. Get well soon guys! DGDs.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports


Let me begin by apologizing for the tardiness of this week's TV schedule.  I've been quite ill this week... and not just because roughly 62.5% of Georgia's offensive weapons are torn or broken in some way.  I caught a bit of a stomach bug (which is way underselling how bad this thing was) and have just now regained the energy to tell you what you need to be watching on TV this weekend.

So without any further ado...


Thursday evening proves to be a pretty good way to start off a quality college football weekend.  First, you'll have the opportunity to watch Teddy Bridgewater pad his stats without so much as an opposing DB attempting to stop him when the Louisville Cardinals host the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.  Following that, I'd recommend you catch the Arizona Wildcats taking on a still reeling USC Trojans squad.  Personally, I'm hoping USC goes undefeated from here on out and Coach O gets a long term deal... I can't imagine I'm the only one.


Friday night continues to be a wasteland... this week your only real option is the Temple Owls and the Cincinnati Bearcats. So unless you just want to spend your evening with Tommy Tuberville, I'd suggest making other plans.


The early slate of games on Saturday has a couple of really solid options.  Obviously, you know I'll be watching the Missouri Tigers travel in to Athens, Ga. to battle the #7 Georgia Bulldogs. However, if that game should get out of control or you just need something to break the tension, the South Carolina Gamecocks will be playing the Arkansas Razorbacks... or you could tune in to watch the Texas Longhorns continue to unravel against the Oklahoma Sooners.


The midday action on Saturday is probably the day's best with two major matchups with serious implications and another 2 which could be quite interesting.  These are they:

--> I would definitely park myself in front of one of these if I were you... and then switch over to one of these during the commercial breaks:


Our nighttime selections this week are somewhat atypically lacking. The money game (pun absolutely intended) is obviously between the Texas A & M Aggies and the Ole Miss Rebels.  But other options in the slot may have their benefits: Alabama Crimson Tide at Kentucky Wildcats (Old-Fashioned Blowout) and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at BYU Cougars (schadenfreude/the opportunity to observe Paul Johnson's genius)


The only real choice here is the Cal Bears struggling against the UCLA Bruins.  You may want to head to sleep.

And that's it.  Hopefully everyone gets through the weekend safe and healthy and we'll see you back here next week.

Until next time....