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SEC Games of Interest (Week 6)

We've posted positive results through five weeks of play. That trend may continue, but Don't Bet On It!

SPOILER ALERT: James Franklin will get a win in SEC play this weekend.
SPOILER ALERT: James Franklin will get a win in SEC play this weekend.
Jamie Squire

Who else is still trying to recover from Saturday's big win? I was at a wedding (yeah, I know), but I managed to catch most of the action thanks to some very helpful groomsmen. I wasn't able to watch last week's conference game of interest, though, but the scoreboard tells me that we correctly picked the Aggies to cover against Arkansas. That brings us to 5-3 on the season, which isn't too bad. Let's try to keep the hits coming in this week's two SEC Games of Interest: Ole Miss (-3) at Auburn and Mizzou at Vanderbilt (-2).

The picks: Ole Miss -3 and Mizzou +2

Why you should care: We'll be facing three of these four teams over the next few weeks.

Rationale: Ole Miss isn't nearly as bad as the final score made them look last weekend. Holding Alabama's offense to just one touchdown -- a long run by T.J. Yeldon at the beginning of the third quarter -- is impressive. The Rebels might not have been able to score on the Tide, but no one will confuse Auburn's D with Alabama's. The WarTiglesMen are allowing nearly a full yard more per rush than their in-state rivals. Ole Miss RB Jeff Scott, who's been averaging 8.3 yards per carry, should shred the Tigers.

Mizzou-Vandy is a tougher call, mainly because I haven't seen a Missouri game yet this season. What I do know is that the other, other Western division Tigers have won each of their four games by at least two touchdowns. And Vanderbilt's defense looks questionable even compared to all of the other weak defenses around the league. This has the potential to be a shoot-out, and there's only one James Franklin to trust in that situation. (Hint: he'll actually be playing the game.)

Bonus pick: LSU (-10) is easily 10 points better than Mississippi State.

Game I'm not touching with a ten foot pole: Arkansas at Florida (-10.5). Florida has the second worst offense in the conference in terms of points per game and yards per play, but Arkansas lost to Rutgers. Oof.