Aaron Murray Tweets He's "Blessed to be QB for the Dawgs"

Be afraid. - Scott Cunningham

Thank you Aaron Murray! Rather than a wait, we got word to start this week within the last minutes via twitter that Aaron Murray is staying for his senior year. We have his tweet here. Also, you can look at a great breakdown of Aaron Murray's stats by The984's post here. This certainly adds an amazing amount of firepower for the Offense, with Todd Gurley setting Freshman rushing records (2nd all time at UGA) Keith Marshall's blazing speed, a full cast of receiving corps, and entire offensive line returning and likely adding Laremy Tunsil who is already planing to block Clowney. Considering our already outstanding scoring, I can't see anything but one of the most prolific offenses in the nation next year.

Feel free to cheer and add in your thoughts below. And always,


Edit: Hat tip to leedawg for getting the tweet news out leading to this story.

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