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A look at Georgia's 2013 recruiting class early enrollees: LB Reggie Carter

Georgia enrolled 13 young men this semester that will be getting their first taste of SEC football this spring, and hopefully contribute come the fall. With signing day exactly a week away, we'll run down that baker's dozen worth of names to whet your appetite for the several more expected to join them in the 2013 signing class.

When life gives you Gators, hit them until you've got some Gatorade.
When life gives you Gators, hit them until you've got some Gatorade.
Sam Greenwood

So, 13 names to go through, and we've had Mississippi JUCO products DL Chris Mayes and WR Jonathon Rumph, OL Aulden Bynum, Athlete JJ Green, and LB Ryne Rankin. Next up, South Gwinnett LB Reggie Carter.

"Coach" Carter, suffered an ACL tear in his junior season, that caused him to focus more on the mental approach of the game, as he tells you in the below video.

The 6'2, 225 South Gwinnettt product played both DE and LB for the Comets (where David Greene came from). And he showed some decent pass rush skills, so with Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Christian Robinson, and Mike Gilliard moving on, we added someone who could help at either ILB or OLB. You can watch some of his senior season at South Gwinnett on, or see the form that won him All State honors as a sophomore at Stephenson below.

What you see in the videos is a physical, thick framed player. He has a good burst, and does a tremendous job wrapping up and physically taking the ball carrier to the turf. He shows decent speed, although nothing special, and a good job reading plays. He shows an ability to rush the passer, as well as slide and fill gaps against the run. His work as a DL will help tremendously in hand placement, and shedding blockers, which is critical for a 3-4 LB.

Having overcome the knee injury in 2011, expect Carter to play this fall. Whether that's inside, outside, or both in a role similar to what we've seen Amarlo Herrera and Ramik Wilson provide, remains to be seen. He already has good mass, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see him continue to fill out and leave Athens closer to 250. He has been highly productive, in Georgia's largest classification, so he shouldn't have too much of a problem adjusting to SEC caliber athletes. With a spring practice to better understand Grantham's system, and a summer to add some good weight, Carter could easily be among those competing for a starting spot when we head to Clemson on the last day of August.