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A look at Georgia's 2013 football recruiting class: Camden County's JJ Green

Georgia enrolled 13 young men this semester that will be getting their first taste of SEC football this spring, and hopefully contribute come the fall. With signing day exactly a week away, we'll run down that baker's dozen worth of names to whet your appetite for the several more expected to join them in the 2013 signing class.

A CB who could also excel with the ball in his hands?  Thank you sir, may I have another.
A CB who could also excel with the ball in his hands? Thank you sir, may I have another.
Kevin C. Cox

So, we've heard about a pair of JUCO signees, on the defensive line (Chris Mayes) and at wide receiver (Jonathon Rumph). We've also heard about an incoming offensive lineman (Aulden Bynum), and a linebacker (Ryne Rankin). But with 13 players enrolled for spring semester in Georgia's 2013 signing class, we aren't even half way through the names. So with no time to waste, Dawgsports is proud to show the skills of Mr. J.J. Green.

QB Brice Ramsey may be the most acclaimed and highly anticipated player we brought in from south Georgia powerhouse Camden County, but he's not the most likely to play this year. That would be his long standing teammate, Green. The approximately 5'9, 175 pound speedster is going to get the majority of his work at CB, but has outstanding skills with the ball in his hands as well (similar to Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith). You can see some of that power running here.

It is that sort of power that makes him an option as not just a corner, but also as a kick returner, slot receiver, or emergency rusher (again, similar to Smith and Boykin). You can see more of that speed, power, and elusiveness with the ball in his hands on the first several plays on this highlight reel.

But Green's a natural DB, after playing a considerable amount at S for Camden County. And that multi-positional skill, hard hitting, and ability to break on the ball reminds me of another high school S turned collegiate CB that once played in Athens and is still suiting up in the state of Georgia, Dunta Robinson. You can see his ability to read and break on the ball and then to lay the lumber below.

Green's size is a bit of a question, but that's not too much of a problem considering the success we've had with sub 6' CBs like Tim Wansley, Tim Jennings, and others. When tackling, you'd want him to use his arms wrapping up instead of slamming in with the shoulder, but that's a technique that can be taught. There is an obvious need at CB, but also a potential need at RB, and kick/punt returning were also issues last year. Green has the ability to help fill a hole at any or all of those spots, although such a large workload for a freshman isn't to be expected. Enrolling early will help speed up his acclimation, but we're talking about a guy who has excelled for arguably the best program, in the highest classification, in one of the best states for high school football in the country since he was a freshman. He has the skills, and the physical tools to step in immediately and excel. Among players who aren't talked about much now, but could change that in a hurry come fall, JJ Green may well be at the top of that list.