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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites - 'So you're saying there's a chance...' Edition

In this week's Hump Day edition of Dawg Bites, we'll be discussing a few items, most notably the fact that the Fox Hounds actually appear to have a chance in the SEC race. I'm fairly certain that if you told anyone on the DawgSports staff that this team would be in the running to salvage a respectable SEC record, you'd have been laughed out of the room harder than the doctors laughed at Erin Murphy when she asked about her chances of overcoming Herpes Simplex 9.

This game contributed to the Dawgs leading the series.
This game contributed to the Dawgs leading the series.
Kevin C. Cox

Speaking of the Hoop Hounds, Marc Weiszer has an article over at dogbytesonline highlighting the team's optimism going into their game tonight against Auburn. The WarTiglesmen are on a four game losing streak, and in a series that's separated by one game (Georgia leads 89-88 all time), the last thing we want to do is let the Tigers beat us to even up the score.

Weiszer's twitter feed, if you don't follow him, is generally awash with good content. Yesterday, he highlighted several items of interest to Dawg fans. First, former UGA defensive lineman Travis Jones has apparently taken a job as Pete Carroll's defensive coordinator in Seattle, which means that a former UGA defensive lineman will now be coaching a former UGA linebacker (Will Witherspoon). Nice.

Weiszer also pointed us to his article on AJ Turman, and the plans the high school senior has for his year in Athens. As a big, punishing back, he certainly has the opportunity to come in and play in his freshman season. Finally, in the lead up to the Super Bowl, Marc tweeted a link to a video interview with former UGA linebacker Dannell Ellerbe discussing playing alongside Ravens legend Ray Lewis.

In other NFL related news, Derek Dooley has taken a job with the Dallas Cowboys, and will be coaching wide receivers under Jason Garrett. With players like Da'Rick Rogers, Justin Hunter, and Cordarrelle Patterson under him at Tennessee, Dooley certainly has a history of coaching talented pass-catchers, but how much he had to do with that and how much was sheer talent is still up in the air. I guess we'll find out in Dallas.

With national signing day coming up in less than a week, be sure to check back to DawgSports frequently, as we'll have a steady stream of recruiting content heading your way. In case you missed it, yesterday, MaconDawg highlighted early enrollee WR Jonathan Rumph, and Mr. Sanchez brought us an article on another early enrollee, OL Aulden Bynum.

Be sure to check back this evening for the open thread for the hoops matchup against Auburn, and I'll leave you this music video from Melbourne, Australia, based Sunmonx to start off your hump day on the right foot. It's got a nice electronica tune with a bit of a reggae influence, so be sure to put on your robot ears.

Oh, and, as always...Go Dawgs!