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A look at Georgia's 2013 recruiting class early enrollees: OL Aulden Bynum in the spotlight

Georgia enrolled 13 young men this semester that will be getting their first taste of SEC football this spring, and hopefully contribute come the fall. With signing day little more than a week away, we'll run down that baker's dozen worth of names to whet your appetite for the several more expected to join them in the 2013 a week from tomorrow.

Ed Zurga

Macon has kept you in the know on several kids, while Dave has made you hunger for more. We here at Dawgsports are proud to bring you all we can in free football recruiting news, and with signing day expected to bring in well over 30 names of new Dawgs, we'll get you started with a look at those already enrolled and on campus in Athens. DL Chris Mayes was covered back in September, and LB Ryne Rankin just last week. DL John Atkins, OL Aulden Bynum and Josh Cardiello, LB Reggie Carter, CBs JJ Green and Reggie Wilkerson, Safeties Tray Matthews and Quincy Mauger, QB Brice Ramsey, WRs Tramel Terry and Jonathon Rumph join Mayes and Rankin in the group that recently began taking classes at the University of Georgia. We'll take a look at them, and others, between now and February 6th, but for now, let's focus on one of the big uglies, Aulden Bynum.

The Valwood High (Valdosta) product committed to the Dawgs very early on in the process, with offers from a solid group including Miami, Auburn, Mississippi St, Louisville, Ole Miss, and South Carolina. The 6'5, 270 or so pound lineman was said to be a bit of a project, and not as highly regarded as some of the other names Georgia still has on the board. But the offer list speaks for itself.

ESPN has video clips from his junior season, while you can find several from various games in his senior season on (sorry, none can be embedded, and youtube had nothing). Valwood competes in GISA, and won the state title this year in football. The level of competition means those clips don't tell you much about what you can expect when Bynum faces much bigger, better athletes at the SEC level, but you can get a little bit from them.

One, he seems to show good pad level, staying down and getting in to the chest of defenders. He also comes off hard and does a good job working through to the second level. Although consistency with both is an issue. The best sign may be his defensive highlights. If you aren't quick enough to play DL in high school, you'll never be quick enough to play OL in the SEC. Bynum does a good job chasing, and showing the athleticism in many clips coming from a DE spot. But again, being in GISA, the level of competition isn't good.

But still, 6'5, with a frame well suited to add weight, good feet, and long arms. That is a desired combination for offensive line targets. The position is always the most difficult to project for recruiting, but Bynum has the tools you look for. He could line up at G or T, but will almost certainly redshirt to add strength and weight, and adjust to the improved level of competition. While his name doesn't bring the flash and excitement you get from say Kublanow, or target Laremy Tunsil, this is the type of signing chuckdawg craves, and that solid OLs are built from. You get a kid with the frame, feet, and work ethic, mold them for 2-3 years, and then let them take the field. It's a matter of keeping bodies developing. Some won't pan out, but some will, and you have to keep the numbers up to help your odds. Bynum is more than just a number though, he's got all the tools you look for in a high school OL, as evidenced by his offer sheet.