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Bulldogs Complete Big Recruiting Weekend, Jury Still Out On The Result.


As Ludakit noted this morning, the Bulldog coaches played host to a phalanx of top rated high school prospects over the weekend. Now comes the part where everyone and his cousin's brother-in-law cites a source who knows how every one of those recruits' visits went.

Chamblee defensive end/outside linebacker Davin Bellamy, for one, is talking directly to the media, and says that while he's still committed to Florida State, Georgia is now his leader. No, you did not read that wrong. Yes, you are a fool if you find yourself looking for consistency and logic in the off-the-cuff public statements of teenagers. My sense is that Bellamy could still sign with either school, but that Georgia is solidly in the race. A good visit is often a prerequisite to signing a player, as it gives family friends, and coaches a chance to get answers and to give their blessing to the school. Florida State is still in this one (they'll have an in home visit with Bellamy on Wednesday), and Alabama is now showing interest in him as well, though no offer has been extended. But Georgia is in this one, has playing time up for grabs, and a defensive coordinator who seems to be saying the right things to Bellamy. If not to Chip Towers. Stay tuned.

Dooly County defensive lineman Montravius Adams says that all of his finalists are even after his weekend trip to Athens. While I'm wary of all the times he's passed Athens on his way to unofficial visits to Clemson, I always like the chances of the home state school when battles for big time prospects go down to the wire like this.

Nrocross tailback Alvin Kamara rated his visit to the Classic City a 9 out of 10. However, after he left, Georgia extended an offer to tailback prospect Johnathan Ford, who has become a very popular young man. The Vanderbilt commit from Fair Hope, Alabama has received offers from not only the Bulldogs but also Florida State and Auburn within the past two weeks. It's possible that Ford's offer has more to do with Ken Malcome's decision to transfer, but if that were the case I believe the offer would have been extended before now. It's likely the coaches knew Malcome was gone before it was announced and had time to evaluate options. More likely, the coaches let Kamara know that they would be needing an answer sooner rather than later, and got either a tepid response (in which case they needed to underscore that they can't wait until Signing Day) or got a "no" and needed to move on while they still could.

Auburn, Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster was also in town and by all accounts had a great time, reuniting with good friend and UGA early enrollee Tray Matthews. At this point I still think that Foster is more likely to stick with his Auburn commitment. While he spent much of his life in Troup County, Auburn now sounds like home when you listen to interviews with him. I think that anyone who tells you that they know what Foster will do on Signing Day is giving themselves a lot of credit, because I'm not sure even Foster knows what he'll do.

Stay tuned, as here at Dawg Sports we'll be going in depth on Bulldog recruiting all week, with film breakdowns of Bulldog commits, breaking news, and commentary leading up to Signing Day next week. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!