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Monday Morning Dawg Bites: The Dotted Line in Nine (Days)

Signing Day is approaching rapidly and this Monday's edition of Dawg Bites takes a look at some articles around the web that gives a little insight into the insanity.

Michael Chang

Signing Day always impresses me. It's the day when hope becomes personified as the next wave of Bulldogs commit to the G and sign a contract to confirm that commitment. Yeah, there's always the ridiculousness of a weird hat game, a press conference that becomes moot hours later, or a kid that chooses a school his mama hates, but when the time comes and the choice has to be made, a fan base can find hope in an 18 year old. Not only one, but multiple kids, all carrying the pressures of success and failure simultaneously.

For us bloggers, it's the game you never really lose. You may miss out on this one kid, but this other kid has promise. We can talk and write endlessly about how so many kids will redshirt, a few will play, and one or two will start from day one. Everybody wins on Signing Day. As long as you've signed one kid, you've got something to be happy about.

So what are we talking about with less than 10 days to go?

Well, Bernie wrote a short post about an interesting tweet that was sent out on Saturday night. Bernie has it right -- those are four guys that will have guaranteed spots on Signing Day, regardless of whether or not they use them.

Speaking of defensive players, and there were a couple in that picture, the Georgia Sports Blog has a few thoughts on the Grantham speculation. My personal opinion is that 1) I agree that nothing will happen until after Signing Day and 2) I don't think Grantham goes. He wants to be a head coach and I think he gets there quicker by having two great seasons as a college defensive coordinator.

Senator Blutarsky gives us a heads up that if Obama had a son, he probably wouldn't be signing with a school on National Signing Day.

Only nine days left. Good luck getting work done.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.