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Oh No, We Suck Again

Normally, Kyle would give you all the stats and give you a break down of some of the play by play. Knowing a week in advance today would be an epic beatdown, I asked for the chance to do something a little different as Georgia losses to Florida in the Steg 64 - 47. Many thanks to Herschel Blogger for the artwork.

Herschell Blogger

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Georgia offense has a hard time scoring lol..</p>&mdash; JJ_Frazier_24 (@I_Am_Great_24) <a href="">January 24, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Our incoming recruit JJ Frazier tells us about all we need to know about today's game.

We had 17 turnovers and Florida had 10 steals. That about sums up the game. In fairness, we had a higher energy level in the first half and even led at the half, but being steadfast for half a game is more of a case of false hope than anything.

I support UGA basketball with everything I can think to do. For now, however, the fact is we are poor dribblers, poor passers, and poor shooters. If you cant dribble, pass or shoot, the X and Os really stop mattering. Kyle noted that Greg McGarity has been in attendance for the home games, so I can only hope he notices all the problems as well.

I know I won't be giving up on this team, and I'll keep watching every week, but having watched every game this season but one, it just feels like it's getting worse and worse when we had hoped to improve by conference play. Let's hope it can.

Go Dawgs!