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A Look Ahead: Who Is The Most Worrisome Opponent Of The Bulldogs Bloody September?

Streeter Lecka

While there's obviously still a lot of time between now and Labor Day Weekend, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at what many have identified as the most critical stretch of the upcoming 2013 season. William Butler Yeats opined that April is the cruelest month. But Yeats never faced a September like the one Georgia will during the Bulldogs' upcoming campaign.

Well, technically the 'Dawgs open on August 31st against Clemson. But that's close enough for our purposes. Quibbling over the date of one of the four games Georgia will open up with is like quibbling over the maker of Jason Voorhees' ski mask. After that trip to Clemson, Georgia returns to Athens for a three week homestand against, in order, South Carolina, North Texas and LSU.

Admittedly, LSU lost more underclassmen to the NFL draft than just about anyone else. South Carolina will be living in a post-Marcus Lattimore world. And Clemson hasn't played actual defense in years.

And sure, there are other games on the schedule. No trip to Jacksonville can ever be taken for granted. And while recent trips to the Loveliest Little Village on the Plains have been delightful, Auburn remains an SEC team with SEC talent which merely needs effective coaching. But if, through hard work and divine providence, Georgia emerges 4-0 to start the season, it could be another great year in the Classic City.