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Four Questions to Ponder as the Georgia Bulldogs Enter the Offseason

Yesterday's Capital One Bowl put an exclamation point at the end of the Georgia Bulldogs' 2012 campaign, but that victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers adds a quartet of question marks to the 2013 college football season.


We’ll have lots more coverage of the Georgia Bulldogs’ 2012 football season, and what lies ahead for the Red and Black, coming up in the next few days, as well as a Gator-hating Sugar Bowl thread this evening, but, for now, here are four critical questions Bulldog Nation will be discussing heading into the offseason after yesterday’s Capital One Bowl win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers:

1. What should we take away from yesterday’s bowl win? Corn Nation saw multiple Nebraska miscues, SB Nation Atlanta simply saw one team outscore another in a shootout, and Team Speed Kills saw the ‘Dawgs restored to the national elite. Which is it?

2. Which Bulldogs will go pro early? Alec Ogletree surprised exactly no one by making his intentions known in short order, but what will Kwame Geathers and Aaron Murray do, and how large an impact will their decisions have?

3. What does next season’s one-two punch mean for the 2013 Bulldogs? If you thought 2011 offered a challenge in the campaign’s first two games, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Fort Hill Felines won the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Palmetto State Poultry emerged victorious from the Outback Bowl, leaving both the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks 11-2 with a bullet heading into next season. Will that two-game opening stretch springboard an eye-opening early Georgia run or drop the ‘Dawgs out of the limelight from the get-go?

4. Is “Johnny Football” a great nickname or a stupid nickname? Granted, this isn’t really Georgia-related, but, since Johnny Manziel fever is sweeping the nation, I simply cannot leave this question ignored. I know folks who equate “Johnny Football” with “Charley Hustle” among the great straightforward nicknames in sports history, but I find it silly and mundane, like calling me “Kyle Weblog.” Take it from a guy whose nickname (“The Mayor,” which is only slightly less prosaic than “The County Manager”) is about as plain-vanilla as it comes: I think “Johnny Football” is dumber even than “The Honey Badger” as an SEC player nickname.

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ve given you some topics. We’ll see y’all back here tonight for the Sugar Bowl.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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