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"It's Great to be a Gator Hater" Sugar Bowl Game Night Open Comment Thread

The Florida Gators, losers of two straight games in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, once again failed to make it to the SEC Championship Game, so they are forced to accept the Louisville Cardinals as a postseason consolation prize. Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are invited to point and laugh at the hapless Sunshine State Saurians.

Heeeeeeeeere, Gator Gator Gator. . . .
Heeeeeeeeere, Gator Gator Gator. . . .

As I see it, tonight's Sugar Bowl between the Florida Gators and the Louisville Cardinals is a win-win for the Georgia Bulldogs.

If Florida loses, well, heck, that's a good thing because Florida losing is inherently a good thing, and a Gator defeat would heighten the probability of a top five finish for the Bulldogs.

If Florida wins, I can live with that, too, because the Sunshine State Saurians will have to live out the rest of eternity knowing we deprived them of their shot at a national championship.

Finally, if a meteor hits the Louisiana Superdome, although I'll feel bad for the good people of New Orleans, those are the breaks, and, when you lie down with Gators, you get up with, I don't know, jort tan lines or mullet lice? Whatever Gators have, you don't want it, and, when you invite them to your bowl, you get it, so a cataclysmic destruction of all human life within a 50-mile radius of wherever the Gators are would be acceptable collateral damage, under the circumstances.

In any case, this is your Sugar Bowl game night open comment thread, so dive in and cheer for whichever outcome you deem best for the Red and Black.

Go 'Dawgs!