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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites - 'Bad Lip Reading' Edition

Good morning, Dawg fans. You've made it to Hump Day, so you're halfway through the week and now on the downhill. We're in the time of the year where, if you're a fan of the NFL, you're preparing for Conference Championship weekend, one that will have the Atlanta Falcons hosting the biggest game in the history of the Georgia Dome to not be an SEC Championship. If you're not an NFL guy or gal, well, you've got racrootin'. And Georgia Basketball.'ve got racrootin.

Yep, that's about right.
Yep, that's about right.
Jamie Squire

Speaking of Georgia Basketball, in one of the most obvious articles ever written, Marc Weiszer highlights the fact that the Dawgs need someone to complement Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to force opposing teams to focus on someone other than him and free up some chances for KCP to score. Well, duh.

In other news on the basketball front, it appears that Mark Fox sees this too, and is pulling the redshirts off of some freshmen to try to salvage the season give them an early jump on next year. In essence, if Mark Fox were one of the two family members picked to represent their team at the end of Family Feud, rather than getting stuck on a hard question, he just said 'pass'...which is interesting, because he doesn't seem to ever tell his players that.

Senator Blutarsky brings our attention to one of the finer photos of Bama fans we've seen lately. If there's one positive to Georgia not winning the national title, it's that we don't have to see embarrassing pictures like this...and Lord knows there'd be some.

Finally, in recruiting news, we've learned that Alvin Kamara has decided to give the Dawgs his last official visit, choosing to come see Athens instead of Tuscaloosa. He's a four-star prospect, and if you ask me, an in-state kid whose commitment is going down to the line, and his last official visit is at the in-state school? This kid's a Dawg. Georgia is also making a last second push for Bug Howard, out of Wilcox County. He's a talent at wide receiver, but he's also Nick Marshall's cousin. I'll be surprised if he ends up in Athens, but hey, it could happen.

I'm leaving you with a humorous video to jumpstart Hump Day for everyone. If you're not familiar with Bad Lip Reading, you should be, because they're a scream. Have a good one, everybody.

Oh, and, as always...Go Dawgs!