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Monday Morning Dawg Bites: So What Am I Supposed to Write About Edition

Saturday marked the first one in quite a while that we didn't have any college football. Does that mean that we're slowing down at Dawg Sports? Not in the slightest.

Scott Cunningham

First, we begin with this awesome post by Kyle, which recognizes the most loyal readers in the Dawg Sports community. The truth is, we don't have nearly as much fun doing this if you guys and gals don't come back for more. So, thanks for being awesome.

Not to immediately ruin the good vibe we had going, but this post by Chuck about why it's time for Mark Fox to go, is a good read for you Hoop Dawg fans out there. I think everyone really likes Mark Fox, but there's no doubt something has to happen.

In happier news, Georgia Dogs (dot com) has a a great look at the 1983 Hoop Dawgs that went to the Final Four. Just so you remember, Dominique Wilkins was NOT on that team. His last year was 1982.

Finally, I wrap up a very short Dawg Bites with this parting thought: There are a lot of great blogs out there that focus on Georgia sports. We love our readers here, but what makes the Georgia fan base so awesome is that it's completely immersed in the interwebs.

Whether it be through Twitter, blogs, podcasts, and Facebook, we have the best and most connected fan base in all of college football. That's why even as I struggled to find a good "theme" for this post, all I could think is that while football is over, it's this time of year when we really connect together, and I'm thankful for that.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.