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The Second Tier Bowl Game Soundtrack Spectacular!

Throughout the season, we began each gameday morning here at Dawg Sports with a musical selection from one of the fine bands of Athens, GA. And just because we're still licking our wounds and heading to Orlando (again!) instead of Miami doesn't mean the fun has to end. As such, today we will be blowing it out (much like the Georgia Bulldogs will be doing against the Nebraska Cornhuskers) by revisiting each and every artist from this season.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've come to the final soundtrack post of the year, we can all look back over the 2012 season and reflect on the joys and disappointments. It is my hope that you'll feel free to use the comments section to do just that: Share your feelings on everything we saw during what history will likely regard as a pretty great season of Georgia Bulldogs football. Its all fair game: great matchups, individual performances, upcoming roster changes, Bobotastic play-calling, or even how the editorial staff of Dawg Sports consistently let you down in your quest to become ever more pessimistic... you name it.

Given the nature of this feature I will serve as your humble musical director. Below you will find provided for you a bevy of musical selections meant to serve as an overwhelming aural companion for a slightly underwhelming bowl game morning. The music will range in tone from regret-filled and longing to begin with (the first number, by the way, is the song I've been listening to throughout December as I've gone through roughly a case of Makers Mark) to hopeful at the end (which is the state I very much want to find myself in after today's game). In between, you'll take what I give you and like it!!! Sorry, I'm still a little on edge... my apologies.

At any rate, LET'S DO THIS! CAPITAL ONE BOWL BABY! This is your way-too-early open comment thread for the New Year's Day Bowls and your spectacular soundtrack for a Cornhusker Beatin', Jarvis Sackin', Hangover Cure By Heavy Drinkin' Second Tier Bowl Game morning.

R.E.M. - Country Feedback

Dead Confederate - Start Me Laughing

The Whigs - Right Hand On My Heart

Drive-By Truckers - Gravity's Gone (Probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

The B-52s - Quiche Lorraine (Why, you say? Because I love it, its got a dog in it, its weird as hell, and its serves my flow)

Pylon - Danger (A nod to today's game perhaps?)

Danger Mouse - 99 Problems (Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Widespread Panic - Ain't Life Grand

R.E.M. - Get Up

That's it. Happy 2013. Hope its as good or better to the Dawgs as 2012. Enjoy the last Georgia game for 9 months folks. GOOOO DAWGS!