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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Stake-out Edition


Stop me if you've heard this before: right now, Dawg Nation is waiting to hear if certain individuals who don the Red and Black are boarding a plane or bus to see if they're traveling to another city. The first time, it was the infamous stake-out of whether or not Rodney Garner was boarding a plane bound for Auburn. This time around, we're waiting to see if Bacarri Rambo or Alec Ogletree will enlist some mode of transportation to get to Columbia, MO.

Why are we waiting with baited breath on this news? Earlier this week, Mark Richt said that whoever makes the trip will be eligible to play. So, if those two gentlemen happen to travel with the team, there is a very good chance they'll play. Can Georgia win without their services? Sure. Will we all feel a lot better about our chances if they take the field? Absolutely.

Here's hoping Rambo and Ogletree are hitting up the Tigers this weekend instead of The Blind Pig.

Now, let's take a look at some links of interest as we venture into the last day before the weekend (after the jump):

I rather enjoyed this old Orange Bowl Program that Tyler Dawgden of the Georgia Sports Blog put up. Right now, somewhere, T. Kyle King is telling someone that the 26th Orange Bowl is much like the Treaty of Versailles. How? I don't know, but it's happening.

Nothing says "a bunch of UGA fans are going to descend upon Columbia, MO" more than Delta adding a one-time direct flight from Atlanta to Columbia. Thank goodness Delta kept the flight at a low cost...

You will always get a link from me if you reference the Wesley Snipes classic, Passenger 57, in your post. Well done, and everyone should "always bet on black."

I am really, REALLY becoming a big fan of Michael Bennett. He appears to be an extremely humble, hardworking, and well-spoken individual. His thoughts on Penn State (he grew up in State College, PA) are very thought-provoking. Regardless of your view on what happened at Penn State, you have to realize there's a whole town dependent on that football team.

Also, I hate to shamelessly plug (no, I really don't), but this week's episode of The Dawg Gone Podcast has shattered the record for downloads in a two-day span. Whether you're traveling to work, or to Columbia, MO, go ahead and give it a listen to see what all the fuss is about.

Bonus: There's nothing I enjoy more than Nick Saban being Nick Saban (well, maybe Les Miles being Les Miles). However, I've never seen a coach rail on the media for being so overwhelmingly complimentary of one's team. It completely boggles my mind.

OK Dawg fans. Now's the chance to think good thoughts and set the world on autopilot until 7:45 PM on Saturday. Let's not kid anyone. You're not thinking about anything else, anyway.

Go Dawgs!