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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest (Week 2)

So far this week we have picked the SEC games against the spread and picked the national games of interest against the spread. Kyle, Kit, and Chuck have recapped the Buffalo game and previewed the Missouri game. Vineyarddawg and Bill C. have exchanged some thoughts on the Missouri tussle as well. DavetheDawg let you know whether some of this week's games are barometers or thermometers for coaches around the nation. Oh, and MaconDawg already fixed us a drink.

So what's left? There's not too much of interest, actually, which is why it's time to identify this week's National Game of Disinterest. This is the game for which I cannot generate even one iota of interest -- and I spend my spare time writing for a college football blog. In week 2 of the 2012 college football season, not even these teams' respective fan bases care about...

North Carolina at Wake Forest

So how is it possible not to care about an intra-conference clash in the second week of the season? (Your joke about ACCtion goes here.) Well, it's not 2006, so we know the Demon Deacons aren't winning a conference championship, and the Tar Heels are banned from post-season play for the same shenanigans that made them a contender in the first place. Even if this game did matter, it starts at 3:00 p.m., so we'll all be watching the Florida-Texas A&M game within 30 minutes anyway. Call me in February when UNC and Wake are playing roundball.

Go Dawgs!