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Well Dawg Fans, here we are

The little things are to dream a little dream. Aint nothing wrong with that. To be a team that actually thinks on a national championship – it’s a rare and rarely true thought. And upon this Saturday we once more go into the football fold – to uncover what is and what isn’t. And now, to uncover what will be and will not be.

I remember a good article by a good author, describing these Georgians riding any rail they could merely to get to see Georgia play Auburn. Think on that. Just to see a football game 120 year ago. Just to see. It was a good post by MaconDawg. And I have my own memories. I’m a 4th Generation Bulldog. Although I may receive, and sometimes deservedly so, internet attacks, they will not compare to my grandfather who graduated from UGA and forewarned me of the dangers of Vanderbilt, and my other grandfather, who upon return from war said "I hate losing to those SOBs" referring to Tennessee. Oh, my Bulldog Nation friends. I’ve felt your pain. I know your agony. I’ve experienced your frustration. But we, we gentlemen and ladies of a great southern state, we know that one special thing so few know. As I turn my grits with a little extra butter being chastised for my southerness all the while, we know that a football national championship is not treasure to be horded, but treasure to be shared.

You go you Dawgs you. And know, we love you, always and forever.