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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: "Old Man Football" Edition

It is the Wednesday morning of the week before the Georgia Bulldogs’ SEC opener, and the Gurley Man is here to pump you up, so let’s get pumped! This announcement from last weekend ought to do it:

Yep. They’re making a movie about Erk Russell. If you’re not now ready to run through a brick wall, you probably need to go back to bed. No one deserves this more than Coach Russell, who deserves a whole lot more. As former Georgia defensive coordinators who went on to coach at Georgia Southern go, I’m glad Erk is the one who had a good weekend.

While we’re on the subject of the Bulldogs’ 2012 non-conference opponents, I suppose I should mention that the Florida Atlantic Owls know distressingly little about their animal mascot. Perhaps this obligatory educational video will help enlighten them:

Turning back to the Southeastern Conference, we find that Georgia managed a fifth-place finish in the SEC Power Poll, ahead of the Classic City Canines’ “Prose Bowl” opponent, the seventh-ranked Missouri Tigers. Among this weekend’s less articulate combatants, Sheldon Richardson has been muzzled after giving the ‘Dawgs primo bulletin board material. Richardson, you will recall, accused Georgia of playing “old man football,” but, inasmuch as he is a college student, I don’t know how he defines “old man.” For instance, I’m 43 years old, which means I celebrated my first birthday in 1969, the last year in which Missouri won so much as a share of a conference championship; that may make me an old man. On the other hand, my father is 69 years old, which means he celebrated his second birthday in 1945, the last year in which Missouri won an outright conference championship that was not awarded retroactively due to the Kansas Jayhawks’ use of an ineligible player in a game KU won on the field; that may make him an old man. We shall see, I suppose. . . .

The loudmouthed Mizzou player isn’t alone in ticking off his new conference coevals, though. Rogue partisans of the Texas A&M Aggies opted to troll the Gators with a billboard touting the Texans as boasting the best academics and the cleanest program in the league. Ordinarily, I’m all about dissing the Orange and Blue, but Florida and Texas A&M are tied at 58th in the 2012 U.S. News & World Report college rankings, and Texas A&M is tied with Auburn with seven NCAA major infractions cases in its history. Sorry, Aggies, but that was an epic troll fail; the billboard should have come down due to shame, rather than on account of copyright issues.

Closer to home, there is much to report, as well. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Michael Carvell touts Bulldog recruit Reggie Carter as “one of the feel-good stories of the week,” which he was, but Jarryd Wallace’s Paralympic competition surely qualifies, as well.

That just leaves us with this Saturday’s game, about which Mark Richt spoke to the media on Tuesday, saying the following:

Evidently, despite the attention-getting final score, Missouri had as many problems with its patsy opponent as we had with ours, which reminds me that, if you’re interested in reliving last Saturday’s season opener quickly and from an aerial view, you’ll want to give the animated drive chart a look:


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

That should get you up to speed and ready to rock and roll this fine Wednesday morning, so grab that cup of coffee, dive into your day, and be sure to be back here for the National Games of Interest at midday, the Dawg Gone Podcast this afternoon, Barometer/Thermometer this evening, and anything else that crops up between now and then.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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