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Your Week 2 College Football TV Schedule

I'm not gonna lie to you guys... the options are pretty abysmal this week. There is, at least, a moderately interesting SEC match-up in each primary time slot. Beyond that, unless you're interested in watching the Golden Gophers of Minnesota take on the New Hampshire Wildcats, it's gonna be a long Saturday. That's alright though... it just means more time for tending the smoker and nursing your favorite bourbon as you wait on pins and needles for Georgia's 7:45 faceoff against Mizzou.

If you happen to be a glutton for punishment and just have to know when you can catch Notre Dame/Purdue, Northwestern/Vanderbilt, or the tickle piles of UNC/Wake Forest, here is your TV schedule for the second week of college football action:

College Football Week 2 TV Schedule

See You Saturday night! GOOOO DAWGS!!!