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A Few Quick Takes for UGA Over UT

Crazy is as crazy does, and it's about time lady luck bounced our way this one time.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Hey Y'all. Kyle will be here shortly with the Mark Richt Victory Watch and later on tonight with a full game summary. DavetheDawg will have 15 (thousand) thoughts tomorrow and Vineyarddawg will have "On Notice" tomorrow. For now, here's some quick takes:

  1. Don't matter who you are playing, if you have three TOs in your own redzone, it's going to be a tough game. It really doesn't matter who or what you are mad at in this game, that INT and those fumbles are the game. Everything else after that is survival. Any one who thought UT wasnt scoring 14-17 points had a very different take than me. Give them 21 plus the 14-17 they were going to score, and you get what we got. UT has a very solid O line, and Bray has a gun. This is still a good victory.
  2. UGA won ugly. The Bulldogs had a lot of horrible stuff, but hey, UGA had a lot of good stuff as well. And this is the first game I remember, thinking on SECCGs, Bowl Games, and big games that a Mark Richt team was on the verge of folding up, and fought back to tie in the first half with a FG, and kept in the game and won in the second half. We would have lost today almost any other time. It's ok to win ugly, as long as you win.
  3. Special Teams made some bad decisions and made mistakes. They're also young. I also expect Coach Richt to address this. Let's give this some more time.
  4. The "Gurshall" had another great day. Aaron Murray was off in the big game again. A year ago, an "off" AM without a running game would have equaled a loss. Takes a team and all that. Need to run and pass.
  5. If you expect perfection you shouldn't follow a college football team, and certainly not UGA. There are going to be mistakes. The key is to minimize them, which we didnt do so well today, and survive them, which we did. This is still a very good team. Next week is a completely different game against a completely different team. The "OMG WHAT ABOUT SCAR?" concerns early in this game were way too early. We won today. Tomorrow Starts a new week.
Bonus: This not calling holding thing is getting absolutely insane.

EDIT Super Bonus: We didnt use the pistol this game. Which I loved last week. Took something good and changed it. Hopefully see it next week?