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General College Football Game Day Open Comment Thread

Don't just kill time waiting for kickoff of the Georgia Bulldogs' SEC game against the Tennessee Volunteers! Join in the Dawg Sports general college football game day open comment thread for the early contests!

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Today is not just any Saturday. It’s Saturday . . . in Athens! Well, actually, it’s Saturday everywhere. Well, actually, it’s Saturday everywhere except in Australia, where hailtogeorgia is, as he reports that it’s, I don’t know, a week from next Tuesday or something. Anyway, it’s Saturday in Athens, and in the lesser places that are not the Classic City, but, until we get to kickoff of the Georgia Bulldogs’ game against the Tennessee Volunteers, we will have to content ourselves with the weak substitute that passes for football outside the hallowed hedges.

This thread will get you through the early games before the first-half Georgia thread posts at 3:00 p.m. If you’re having trouble thinking of any game other than ours, RedCrake has your handy printable college football TV schedule at the ready.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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