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The Friday Tailgate: With A Special Assist From Our Creamsicle-Clad Brethren.

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And here we are again, biding our time until the Georgia Bulldogs kick off in Sanford Stadium tomorrow afternoon. Sure some of you are probably engrossed in the Ryder Cup, where they're trying to determine whether America's multimillionaire pro golfers are better than Europe's multimillionaire pro golfers. And tonight you'll have distinct pleasure of enjoying Hawaii take on BYU in what should be an incredibly friendly college football game, surrounded by a tailgate where you can have all the poi you want, but can't wash it down with any liquor.

More pregamishness after the jump . . .

Maestro, the super-trippy soundtrack:

Even when Georgia is not about to take on the Volunteers, Rocky Top Talk is still one of my favorite blogs not only in the SB Nation network, but anywhere on the internet. Those guys provide great, measured analysis using something called "statistics" with which I am unfamiliar, yet which seems interesting. After I master the didgeridoo, I'm definitely gonna learn more about those.

But for the time being, I was fortunate enough to be able to pose the blog standard 5 questions to Chris from RTT, who answered them intelligently and humorously, especially considering he did so from his still house in the hills, where he's running the last few loads of shine before the leaves fall off the trees and the revenuers don't have to work so hard to find him. Actually I just made all that up, and am actually fairly certain none of it's true. Though it would kind of be cool if it was.

But I digress. Over at Rocky Talk Talk Chris has my answers to his questions. Below are my questions to Chris and his answers. Feel free to discuss those, or whatever else pops into your collective heads, in the comments below.

1) After an eventful offseason Tyler Bray has had an eventful season so far, throwing for over 1300 yards. But there's a big difference between his 400 yard effort against Akron and the 50% completion, 2 pick outing against Florida. Which of the 50 shades of Bray are we most likely to see on Saturday?

Is both fair? Before the 4th quarter and total self-demolition of the offense, Bray was 21-of-34 for ...well, most of his yards. In that sense, he's a lot better in 2012 than we've seen any year before, so the odds you get to see Good Bray for a half are fairly high. Now, there's no guarantee you'll see him for two halves, but the reasons behind that are mostly mental. (This might be a theme.)
2) Da'Rick who? Is it safe to say that Cordarrelle Patterson is better than advertised? How is the dynamic between he and Justin Hunter working out?

We weren't sure Cordarrelle was going to be as good as his recruiting numbers were ('sup, Kenny O'Neal?), but ...yeah, that didn't take long. He's good. Like, real good. Like, can-be-a-#1-WR-in-most-offenses good. Unfortunately for him, he's our #2, because Justin Hunter is healthy. It's great for us - no sense in hiding that - but Bray seems to enjoy targeting Hunter a bit more for reasons I don't entirely get. Maybe it's a comfort thing, since Bray's seen Hunter before.
3) What are we to make of that Akron game? Vol team that struggles to avoid costly mistakes and may have real execution problems, or Vol team that didn't really plan on having to go all out to zip past the Zips?

Honestly? I slept through part of the game. It's a good comparison for a Tennessee team that was sleepwalking. On the other hand, it was a sandwich game, so it's understandable. Somewhat. Honestly, I'm only happy because they actually took a lead in the second half in a close game for the first time in what feels like forever.
4) Georgia is averaging 47.5 points per game. Frankly, I don't understand this, and it confuses and frightens me. What is Tennessee going to do to contain the balanced Bulldog offense, ranked in the top 30 nationally in both rushing and passing?

When I figure it out, I'll let you know. Right now, I'm just hoping Mike Bobo falls in love with a wildly ineffective play. Do y'all run stretch plays to the near boundary? Like, 40 of them in a row? Because that's about the only way I can think Tennessee will be successful.

(In all seriousness, Tennessee does a good job stopping interior runs when they put their mind to it, and they have some key pieces in the secondary - Byron Moore probably being the big one. I'd be lying if I thought they'll hold Georgia to under 28, though.)
5) So are you guys out of Colquitts yet? Because it seems like a big special teams play often is a big factor in this game, and I don't want any more of those guys. Assuming the Colquitt well has run dry, what other special team threats do the Vols have in store?

See above, except in this case I'm not joking. Our PK was called into action last year sleeping on the couch of his frat house three hours before game time. At least he's on scholarship this year. The Colquitts need to be makin' Baby Colquitts post-haste.
Bonus: If you could take the hair off of any celebrity's head and substitute it for Derek Dooley's current orderly coiffure, whose would it be? I'd go either Scary Spice or mugshot Randy Travis, but that's just me.

Patrick Stewart. Wouldn't that screw with everyone. (Or, failing him, that dude with goofy hair from LMFAO, who I only know about because he's a huge tennis fan and was sitting in one of the boxes in absurd hair, a bright green shirt, and zebra-striped shorts. That with The Hair would be surreal.)

Thanks again to Chris and Rocky Top Talk for bringing a Vol fan's perspective to things. Everybody have a great weekend, and . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!