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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Vols Eve 2012 Edition

A collection of Dawg-related info for your Friday morning pleasure as we continue preparations for hatin' on all things Tennessee.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Hey, just because I'm so old I don't consider the Vols a hardcore UGA rival doesn't mean I don't remember the 1990s and, therefore, hate them and enjoy trolling them subtly and indirectly. Oh, by the way and for no particular reason, did anybody catch the Broncos @ Falcons game a couple Mondays ago? Honestly, I don't keep up much with the NFL, but I found myself watching that one and found the first quarter especially entertaining.

Alec Ogletree's and Bacarri Rambo's suspensions and the durations thereof still are super secret, y'all, but Branden Smith seems to think ""we have everybody back". I am looking forward to seeing if any tweets manage to escape from the concrete-insulated Tanyard Branch Valley tomorrow during pre-game warm-ups confirming the news.

Woo! Fan-produced YouTube highlights of Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall from the Vandy game (presented without comment as to the soundtrack selection). RUN, GURSHALL, RUN! (h/t LHB)

You and I have been breathing a little easier, perhaps, over our OL's performance. Coach Will Friend has not. Opponents' front sevens are only going to get better, guys, so let's stay worried. And I like Friend's nearly Dooley-esque caution.

Blogger Blutarsky has been having fun poking fun at the anti-Bobo movement for quite a while without necessarily committing to being a Bobopologist. And yes, blunt-force complaining is worth some mockery. But if you've been visiting Dawg Sports the last few years, you've read one or two critical words about offensive play calling here and there. But the complaints are explained and reasonable, even if they occasionally are summed up shorthand-like (GREEN NOTEBOOK). However, you also would have read (or, if you listened to this week's podcast presented by Gordo's Cheese Dip, heard) praise for Bobo when praise is due. Blutarsky brings our attention to some player quotations that show we're not the only ones who've noticed improvement.

Stay tuned here at Dawg Sports for a healthy dose of urnge hatred, including the Friday Tailgate In the meantime, enjoy something actually good to come out of eastern Tennessee and share your own linkage of interest in the comments.