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Goat Roasting 2012 - Get your T Shirts edition

You know you've been waiting for them, and now they are finally here....


In case it's completely slipped your mind (which we understand given the shiny newness around these parts), the Third Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast is just over three weeks away - October 20th. We shall gather together to watch the Bulldogs take on the UK Wildcats at Commonwealth Stadium. (Insert gratuitous picture of UK's most famous alum Miss Ashley Judd here just because it makes Kyle smile.)

The Blind Pig has actually agreed to allow us to gather at their Campus Location (485 Baldwin Street Athens) again this year. They have everything you could want - good food, good adult drinks and well most if not all of us. I also have it on pretty good authority that our Official Sacrificial Goat Roast Goat Cake will even be available. Consider this your official invite to the party.

Honestly, I'm surprised the good folks at The Blind Pig still let us show up there. I mean after last year's drunken debauchery I'm just astonished. (No names or stories will be mentioned to protect the guilty. But I do know exactly what happens when you let former sailors and former marines loose in Athens.)

You can buy both this years t-shirt and last year's t-shirt in case you haven't already picked one up. First year shirts are not available. If you are buying a Ladies cut t-shirt - these are in Junior's Sizes, not Women's Sizes - these are very different sizes so please double check.

Gameday Depot tells me if you order by next Friday, October 5th, you will have your shirt in time to wear it to the party. So be quick like bunnies and hop on over and Get Yer T-Shirts!

And now for the piece of information you've actually been waiting for. T-shirts are available here.

UPDATE: Last call for orders if you want to get your T Shirt in time to wear it to the Goat Roast - orders need to be in by this Friday Oct 5th.