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Monday Dawg Bites: September 24, 2012

Jarvis Jones.  No, that's pretty much it.  Jarvis Freakin' Jones.
Jarvis Jones. No, that's pretty much it. Jarvis Freakin' Jones.

(Reminder: The New SB Nation United format is coming out soon. If you haven't heard about it, you can learn more here. )

Good morning, Dawg fans! I can not believe how fast the season zooms by. Just think, this Saturday will be our fifth game. And in addition, after this Saturday, we won't have any more home games until November. Think about that. We will have already run through our "gauntlet" of Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida by then, so by the next time we play in Sanford Stadium, we will basically know whether or not Georgia will win the SEC East. It boggles the mind.

At any rate, I'm not here to say maudlin things and gripe about how stuff goes too dang fast nowadays... that's old-man blogging. I'm here to update you on the news stories relevant to the Dawgs and college football in general this lovely Monday. These are your Monday Dawg Bites:

Dawg News

- In case you missed it, Tavarres King called Todd Gurley "Herschel-ish" after the Vandy game, which I disagreed with in my weekly On Notice post. Actually, I might have let it go if Tavarres had called him "Herschel-icious" instead.

- In news that's not exactly earth-shattering, Malcolm Mitchell is happy to be getting more touches on both sides of the ball. Yeah, about that, Malcolm... that number won't keep going up if you play on special teams like you did Saturday. (We need you more on offense, anyway.)

- Seth Emerson says Georgia is through the gauntlet of its schedule. Hmm... he seems to have a different definition of "gauntlet" then I do. Though it might be accurate to say they've run the first gauntlet, and now comes the next gauntlet.

- I actually kind of like how the Red & Black is wringing its hands over the fact that Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall might be too good, 'cause that might mess up recruiting for other running backs. That's keepin' it Munson, right there.

- Georgia is now a solid #5 in both polls this week. Of course, neither Lou Holtz nor Mark May have Georgia in their personal top 15, but if we ever play somebody this century, they'll get back to you. /narrative'd

- The guys at Leather Helmet Blog are funny. (Hooray, Schadenfreude!)

- The ongoing saga of the recruitment of Mill Creek DE Kelsey Griffin is... well, ongoing. The rumor and hearsay that I will irresponsibly pass along (woooo blogging!) is that Griffin "committed," but there had been a miscommunication somewhere, because Georgia had not yet officially offered him a scholarship. So, in essence, he committed to be at Georgia even if he had to be a walk-on. Certainly that wasn't his intention, so he had to back off until (and if) UGA does actually offer him a scholarship. All indications are that this was just a miscommunication, and Georgia's scholarship offer will eventually be forthcoming, at which time Griffin is likely to commit again. (We hope.)

- I will not be talking about Georgia's women's soccer team and their weekend exploits. Nope. Nada. I would, however, like to include this wonderful Toffee-licious link. (Warning: Kicky-ball content. And it's about a team that's probably better than yours right now.)

Other Miscellany

- Turnover margin often decides a game, doesn't it? Well, here's the turnover margin chart for every Division I-A team, updated through Saturday's games. I find neither the top teams nor the bottom teams surprising. (Whew, pig stinky! And War Damn Fumble.)

- And while we're talking about statistics, here's one that should be slightly more surprising for you: Who is the current national leader in total defense? Whatever you said, you were probably wrong. Believe it or not, it's the Fightin' Tommy Tubervilles from Lubbock. Son, Mike Leach is disappoint.

- I ain't normally one to kick a man when he's down, but Johnelle. Oh, my word, Johnelle.

- Ladies and Gentlemen, the residents of New Orleans. (Presented without additional comment.)

Have a good Monday, Dawg fans!

Go Dawgs!