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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

Once again, it is our pleasure to bring you the latest installment of The Mark Richt Victory Watch

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Despite allowing Vanderbilt to actually score points in the first half and thereby causing flames to shoot out five feet or more from The Grantham's head, the Georgia Bulldogs were victorious in the first night game between the hedges against the Vanderbilt "Culture Changed" Commodores. Tonight's final score of 48-3 brings the team to 4-0 for the season to date and gives our Beloved Coach Mark Richt yet another win forcing me to provide you with yet another installation of The Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Coach Richt is now 91 favorable outcomes shy of matching Vince Dooley’s 201 career triumphs. Mark Richt has more wins (110) and fewer losses (38) after 148 games than any of his predecessors on the Sanford Stadium sideline. At the same juncture, Wally Butts stood at 97-44-7 having just beaten North Carolina between the hedges for a 3-3 record just over halfway into the 1953 season , whereas Vince Dooley owned a 99-44-5 mark after a 6-7 loss to the Clemson Tigers 2 games into the 1977 season.

A full game summary will be posted later tonight. For now it's a victory for all things right & good, defeat for the rotten commies and as always, It's Great to Be A Georgia Bulldog!!!!

Go ‘Dawgs!