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Early Afternoon General College Football Game Day Open Comment Thread

You've voted for your favorite tshirt for the goat roast, you've got your football schedule for the weekend, our resident hipster Spears told you not to bet on it, Kit & Kyle were sucking down cold medicine & introducing us to Gordo's in the PodCast, Dave told you which games were barometers & which were thermometers. We've been brought to our knees, gotten the scoop from the Q&A, pre-gamed on Friday, been provided entirely too much information and heard the music play early this morning.

Finally it's game day. Georgia plays late today (night game on ESPN2) so this folks is your Early Game Day Thread. Watch any game, watch all the games, talk through the pre-game gitters, or practice letting someone in a Bulldog uniform Pump *Clap* You Up.

There will be a thread specific to the Georgia game opened later today, as well as additional threads that will be posted as the need arises.Play nice, mind your manners, and hold on just a little longer. It's finally game day and we'll be teeing it up between the hedges in just a few more hours.