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Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Week 4

It is the weekend many of us have been waiting for... the day of judgment for the black and gold transgressors... the hour in which the Georgia Bulldogs administer the beatdown which Lil' Jimmy Franklin and the Vanderbilt Commodores so richly deserve!

But all these night games, fun though they may be, leave us with so many daylight hours to kill as we await the bloodletting. So in the spirit of this glorious September day, lets take this opportunity to enjoy each other's company, give thanks for the libations which are surely flowing in your home or at your tailgate, and prepare for the evening's festivities with a delightfully violent musical selection from one of Athens' own.

This is your early, early morning open-comment thread and the soundtrack for your Franklin punchin', D-I wife recruitin', Commie beatin' Saturday Morning.

"'Cause I'm a rat, there's no mistake"

- James Franklin Dead Confederate - The Rat


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Today's Caption Contest Winner Will Receive: One Free Culture Change!