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The Friday Tailgate Is Glad We Don't Have Boise State's Offense. And That Feels Weird.

Welcome to the Friday Tailgate, the virtual red and black tent under which we gather to swap stories, smacktalk, predictions, and barbs at the expense of Steve Spurrier. It's like Free Form Friday, but with the addition of an actual objective: to get you ready for some college football. The fun begins after the jump.

Maestro, if you will:

There's nothing Vanderbilt coach James Franklin enjoys more than a good, sleazy chop block. Unless of course it's some change. Chopping and changing stuff is pretty much Jimmy F.'s MO.

Just keep talking, fancy dancer.

So About What Happened Last Night . . .

Somebody stole Boise State's offense. Perhaps Kellen Moore took it with him when he cleared out of Boise. Perhaps Brent Pease took it with him to Gainesville. Seriously, when was the last time Boise State was held to 261 yards of total offense, especially against a defense (more or less, but let's not quibble with labels) like BYU's? From this moment forward I submit that all college offenses should be subject to "the Mike Atkinson rule." Under the rule, if your nose tackle intercepts a pass and returns it for a fat guy touchdown, thereby outscoring your offense, said nose tackle gets to kick the offensive coordinator square in the nuts with absolutely no repercussions. It's only fair.

You Got Plans For The Weekend?

Aaron Murray does. His plan is to keep taking care of the ball. After throwing 14 picks last year, Murray has tossed only 2 through 3 games this season. He also hasn't had a crippling fumble caused by the inexplicable belief that Jadeveon Clowney can't throw him around like a rag doll. While that's a pretty small sample set, and the competition hasn't exactly been the 1985 Chicago Bears, the number of WTF throws from Murray seems down to me this season. Anecdotal, yes. But I sense that he is making better decisions.

James Franklin, on the other hand, continues to reserve the right to change or not change his starting quarterback this weekend. That's never a good sign for an offense. When you have two quarterbacks, you have none. Even when you have playmakers in the backfield behind said quarterbacks. So far about the only thing the Bulldog D has looked heavily susceptible to was the quarterback draw, and that's not going to be enough to move the ball consistently. Especially since the hallmark of the Grantham era so far has been a comforting ability to adjust. Methinks Buffalo got all the yards Vandy would have needed this weekend.

Prediction: I just don't know that either of Vandy's potential starting quarterbacks is going to have the answers against the Georgia defense. And while Florida Atlantic may or may not be the best test case, I get the sense that the Bulldog offense may be rounding into shape. Subject to Bobo-esque refusal to stick with what works, or one of those Aaron Murray turnovers that leave you shaking your head, I just don't think this Commodore squad has the horses to stick with the 'Dawgs. UGA 41, Vandy 27.